Characters have always captured our hearts and imaginations. When companies take on similar qualities and incite the same powerful emotions as some of our favorite characters, we are delighted. In the same way, archetypal branding consists of creating an emotional connection to a brand based on specific traits and characteristics.

ACR has conducted a comprehensive discovery process designed to reveal our archetypal makeup. As part of the archetypal process, we conducted a brand keyword exercise highlighting our company’s cultural attributes and core brand values. Throughout our customer research and development process, the word “reliable” rose to prominence.

This powerful keyword is omnipresent in our brand identity, and that of our family of brands, serving as a critical brand and customer experience promise.

Once our archetypal makeup was defined, art and science were used to map out all the elements of our brand and using behavioral science, we uncovered the components that comprise our archetypal DNA.

Our Archetypes

Archetypal branding is based on 12 universal archetypes that correspond to a range of human motivations with each archetype serving as a character trait that is emotionally hardwired into our minds. Identifying the archetypes that symbolize our company culture was instrumental in shaping an authentic, consistent, customer-connecting, and differentiating brand experience.

The results identified the three key archetypes that define us:

By utilizing an innovative brand methodology that elevates archetypal branding to a scientific level and leveraging decades of behavioral science data, our archetypes were mapped and translated into the next chapter of our brand story.

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