More durable than poly, vinyl gloves are closer fitting for medium duty tasks requiring good sensitivity. Latex-free, ambidextrous, and flexible, their beaded cuffs provide maximum strength and durability and offer excellent wet and dry barrier protection. They can be used near a heat source and protect hands in light cleaning situations. Made of PVC – polyvinyl chloride - a petroleum-based material.

Available in both powder free and pre-powdered with a sterilized cornstarch for ease of donning and absorbing moisture during wear.

Use for handling sliced cheese and meats, prep for fresh squeezed juice, pies, pizzas, salads, tacos, burritos, and more. Powder Free Vinyl available for operators who want a cleaner work area and for workers whose hands dry out from extended use.

AmerCareRoyal - Vinyl Gloves

AmerCareRoyal - Vinyl Gloves

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Vinyl Gloves Item# Sizes Type Style
Glove, Anchor Vinyl, LP 1299 S - XL General Lightly Powdered
Glove, Anchor Vinyl, PF 2299 S - XXL General Powder Free
Glove, Exam Grade, Sensi-Flex Vinyl, PF 500 S - XL Exam Grade Powder Free
Glove, Odyssey Blue Vinyl, PF 1899 S - XXL General Powder Free
Glove, Verge Vinyl, LP 1399 S - XL General Lightly Powdered
Glove, Verge Vinyl, PF 2399 S - XL General Powder Free