The ACR series of gloves are the industry’s first hybrid, synthetic powder-free gloves that are designed for enhanced fit and flexibility while being 100% recyclable.

The ACR Hybrid Series of gloves are the product of a cleaner, reduced smog manufacturing process and are PVC, phthalate, latex, vinyl, carcinogen, cornstarch allergen free and are FDA approved for foodservice. ACR Hybrid Series gloves are 100% recyclable, meet California Prop 65 regulations, and when not recycled will take up 50% less landfill space than other gloves due to their thin composition.

ACR Hybrid Gloves have more elasticity than vinyl, resulting in a snug fit and give the wearer superior dexterity and grip, also due to the patented diamond pattern and tapered cuff.

AmerCareRoyal - ACR Hybrid Gloves

AmerCareRoyal - ACR Hybrid Gloves

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Hybrid Gloves Item# Sizes Type Style
Glove, ACR Hybrid, Gen 1.0, PF 3299 S - XXL General Powder Free
Glove, ACR Hybrid, Gen 2.0, PF 3499 XS - XXL General Powder Free
Glove, ACR Hybrid, Gen 3.0, Diamond Grip, PF 3699 S - XXL General Powder Free