PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal Wooden Cutlery Product Launch Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's naturally elegant wood forks give the convenience of disposable cutlery but in a stylish, eco-friendly design that enhances the look of any table or event. Ideal for hot or cold foods, each piece is made of strong ,100% natural birch wood. Made with no coatings, bleach or dye so they are both biodegradable and compostable.

Individually wrapped cutlery and kits offer a convenient and sanitary option.

Wooden Cutlery Collection

AmerCareRoyal Picks & Skewers Overview Video

Here’s your chance to enhance hors d'oeuvres, kabobs, sandwiches, appetizers, deli trays or beverages with a little zing. Made from premium materials, these disposable picks and skewers are constructed from sturdy quality plastic or splinter-free wood and bamboo.

Picks & Skewers Collection

AmerCareRoyal Cutlery Overview Video

From picnics to cafeteria lunches or even on the go, AmerCareRoyal has a large selection of cutlery. Select from various weights, materials, and colors to match the food type and the location.

Cutlery Collection

PrimeWare CPLA Cutlery Product Launch

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's new extended line of CPLA cutlery gives your food service operation the perfect balance between strength, heat resistance and eco-friendly compostability.

CPLA Cutlery Collection

AmerCareRoyal Straw Overview

For more information regarding our full line of straws, check out our full collection:

Straws Collection

AmerCareRoyal Glove Overview Video

AmerCareRoyal has the disposable glove style, fit and function for every need in the foodservice, janitorial and sanitation industries.

AmerCareRoyal Gloves Collection