PrimeWare Compostable Cold Cups & Lids Product Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's compostable cold cups are a great choice for cool beverages on ice. Compostable cold cups are clear and come in a variety of sizes. Cold cup lids are made from PLA.

Compostable Cold Cups & Lids Collection

PrimeWare Compostable Hot Cups & Lids Product Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's compostable PLA-Lined hot cups are either white or patterned with graphics and come in a variety of sizes. Hot cup lids are made from either molded fiber or CPLA.

Compostable Hot Cups & Lids Collection

PrimeWare Compostable Hinged Lid Container Product Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's hinged lid containers are made from molded fiber and are fully compostable. Choose between regular or PLA-lined containers that keep sauces from seeping or to help foods retain moisture.

Hinged Lid Containers Collection

PrimeWare Compostable Portion Cups Product Video

Perfect for restaurants, concession stands, cafés, cafeterias and food trucks, PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal has a complete line of portion cups and lids to hold additional sides, condiments, sauces and dips. Portion cups are available in PLA and fiber options.

Compostable Portion Cups Collection

PrimeWare Compostable Hot & Cold Food Container Product Video

Our hot and cold food containers each feature a patterned design and are PLA-lined to keep hot foods from seeping through. PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's hot and cold food containers are fully compostable and can also be topped with compostable CPLA lids.

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AmerCareRoyal Take-Out Packaging Overview Video

Whether you're looking for a reliable take-out option for customers or creating your meal prep for the week, AmerCareRoyal’s selection of take-out and carry-out containers has your food restaurant, food truck or food service operation covered. Choose from a selection of BPA-free polypropylene recyclable, BPI-certified, PLA-lined compostable, kraft or colored paper options in all shapes and sizes.

Take-Out Packaging Collection

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal Wooden Cutlery Product Launch Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's naturally elegant wood forks give the convenience of disposable cutlery but in a stylish, eco-friendly design that enhances the look of any table or event. Ideal for hot or cold foods, each piece is made of strong ,100% natural birch wood. Made with no coatings, bleach or dye so they are both biodegradable and compostable.

Individually wrapped cutlery and kits offer a convenient and sanitary option.

Wooden Cutlery Collection

AmerCareRoyal Picks & Skewers Overview Video

Here’s your chance to enhance hors d'oeuvres, kabobs, sandwiches, appetizers, deli trays or beverages with a little zing. Made from premium materials, these disposable picks and skewers are constructed from sturdy quality plastic or splinter-free wood and bamboo.

Picks & Skewers Collection