Mineral Filled Containers Video

Mineral filled polypropylene take out containers from AmerCareRoyal use far less plastic than traditional containers. Take a great step forward toward environmentally friendly take out packaging with ACR Min-Filled Containers

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AmerCareRoyal Twisted Handle Kraft Paper Bags Video

AmerCareRoyal’s twisted handle kraft take out bags are the complete to go solution for take-out, curbside, pick-up and delivery. Made from recycled Kraft paper and sturdy twist handles, these bags are ready to go wherever your customers are.

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PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Cutlery Overview Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's cutlery is available in either wood, compostable CPLA or a non-compostable PSM and plastic blend. All eco-friendly cutlery can be used for hot or cold foods.

PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Cutlery Collection

PrimeWare PSM Cutlery Product Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal plant starch or PSM cutlery made from plant starch material, is produced from corn and potato starch. Plant Starch Cutlery is water and oil proof making it ideal for serving both hot and cold food items.

PrimeWare Eco-Friendly PSM Cutlery Collection

PrimeWare Wooden Cutlery Product Video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's naturally elegant wood forks give the convenience of disposable cutlery but in a stylish, eco-friendly design that enhances the look of any table or event. Ideal for hot or cold foods, each piece is made of strong ,100% natural birch wood. Made with no coatings, bleach or dye so they are both biodegradable and compostable.

Individually wrapped cutlery and kits offer a convenient and sanitary option.

PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Wooden Cutlery Collection

PrimeWare Eco-Friendly Straws overview video

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's compostable straws are available in paper and PLA styles in either unwrapped or paper wrapped varieties. Choose from jumbo or giant straws that are great eco-friendly, responsible alternatives, as plastic straws continue to be banned.

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PrimeWare Take-Out Packaging overview video

PrimeWare Take-out by AmerCareRoyal presents a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives to take-out packaging. Molded fiber hinged lid containers, compostable hot and cold food containers, and compostable tableware are all available to cover your to-go packaging needs.

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AmerCareRoyal Security Labels Overview Video

With over a 1/4 of delivery drivers admitting to taking a bite, ensure your foods arrive intact with Security Seals. Security seals offer options to cover both drinks and takeout bags and containers.

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