AmerCareRoyal disposable Synthetic Gloves are an affordable alternative to latex gloves. They have the same look and feel as latex gloves and provide a snug fit with a loose beaded cuff.

Made of a PVC blend – polyvinyl chloride – petroleum-based material, they have more stretch than vinyl, and are perfect for delicate tasks requiring flexibility and fingertip sensitivity. Containing ZERO Latex proteins, they are ideal for those who are latex-sensitive and work in fast food operations and institutions.

Use for prep work, slicing, grill line, cake decorating, dough handling, garnishing, and appetizer prep. Available in both powder free or pre-powdered; contains USP absorbable dusting powder for optimal, tactile sensitivity.

AmerCareRoyal - Synthetic Gloves

AmerCareRoyal - Synthetic Gloves

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