Here’s how to play:

1. Follow the path of questions.
2. Find the answer from either the ACR’s catalog, video library, website or park map.
3. Choose from the multiple-choice answers to the questions.
4. Tally your score to see how you did!
Have Fun and Good Luck!

Skewer Skyway

You can see the whole ACR portfolio from the top of the Skewer Skyway — and you can enhance hors d’oeuvres, kabobs, sandwiches, appetizers, deli trays and more with AmerCareRoyal's wide variety of picks and skewers. Now answer this:

In the picks and skewers video, what color steak marker was used to mark foods for allergy sensitivities? View Video


Cutlery Coaster

Woo hoo!!! — fork, knife and spoon, the cutlery coaster is a wild ride! From picnics to cafeteria lunches to on-the-go, AmerCareRoyal has a large selection of cutlery for every need. Here’s a question about ACR’s line of cutlery:

True or False. AmerCareRoyal’s bamboo chopsticks are fully compostable. Find the answer in our cutlery video. View Video


Tunnel of Glove

Take a ride on the tunnel of glove and learn about all seven types of gloves we sell here at ACR. So can you answer this question?:

According to our gloves video, which gloves are made with rubber from renewable rubber trees? View Video

C2 Hybrid
Stretch Synthetic


Stir it up on the Stir-A-Whirl. But, before you leave the ride, know that AmerCareRoyal straws, stirrers, coffee lid plug sticks, coffee stir sticks and sip straws are great for all your hot and cold beverages. So learn a bit more then answer this:

What is the diameter of the stirrer straw shown in the straws video? View Video


PrimeWare Eco-dome

You can Ready, Set, Go Green! In the PrimeWare Eco-dome and learn about our line of eco-friendly products like takeout packaging, cutlery, cups and straws. Think you know about ACR’s line of PrimeWare? ...Then answer this:

Have a look at our PrimeWare video and tell us what PSM, or plant starch material resin, is made from. View Video

Sugarcane bagasse
Corn starch
Potato starch
Both corn and potato starch

Bag Bounce

There’s takeaway fun on the Bag Bounce — and there’s a variety of AmerCareRoyal take-out bags to carry take-out orders and store items with ease. Let’s see how much you know about ACR’s take-out bags:

In the AmerCareRoyal catalog, name three colors mesh bags are offered in. View Catalog

Clear, Red, Yellow
Brown, Black, Green
Purple, Brown, Orange

The Towel of Terror

Before you get too wrapped up in the Towel of Terror, find out more about AmerCareRoyal’s selection of towels and wipes. Then answer this:

In the AmerCareRoyal catalog, what two animals can be found on either paper or poly bibs? View Catalog

Both crab and lobster
Both chicken and pig

Guest Check Services

Check in at Guest Check Services and check out ACR's full line of Guest Checks and Register Rolls. Then answer this:

In the AmerCareRoyal catalog, single and multi-part guest checks are available in how many colors? View Catalog


Napkin Manor

Don’t be frightened! AmerCareRoyal has napkins, air laid guest towels, dinner napkins, beverage napkins and napkin bands for every food establishment. Think you know our selection of napkins? ...Then answer this:

In the AmerCareRoyal catalog, what napkin is available in orange? View Catalog

Dispenser napkins
Beverage napkins
Airlaid napkins
Dinner napkins

Protection Zone

Stay safe in the Protection Zone, where AmerCareRoyal top quality disposable safety apparel offers specialized function and style. But first, test your knowledge of our big array of protective wear:

In the AmerCareRoyal catalog, what are the different kinds of arm guards? View Catalog

A - Keyguard
B - Polyethylene
C - Polypropylene
A and B
A and C
All the above