PrimeWare CPLA Cutlery Product Launch

PrimeWare by AmerCareRoyal's new extended line of CPLA cutlery gives your food service operation the perfect balance between strength, heat resistance and eco-friendly compostability.

Eco-Friendly Cutlery Collection

AmerCareRoyal Straw Overview

For more information regarding our full line of straws, check out our full collection:

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AmerCareRoyal Glove Overview Video

AmerCareRoyal has the disposable glove style, fit and function for every need in the foodservice, janitorial and sanitation industries.

AmerCareRoyal Gloves Collection

AmerCareRoyal: Source To Solution

AmerCareRoyal™ provides a comprehensive disposable product portfolio for the food service, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, hospitality and medical industries.

Our deep relationships with a diverse global supplier network and an established quality control infrastructure provide us with an unmatched ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.

PrimeWare By AmerCareRoyal

PrimeWare, by AmerCareRoyal the leader in compostable tableware and utensils. Delivered with efficient, dependable service, PrimeWare is ready with solutions for you first. PrimeWare offers the absolute best distribution, availability and range of products in the market. PrimeWare products are made from either compostable materials or fully recycled PET. Ready, Set, GO GREEN!

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AmerCareRoyal - C2 Hybrid Gloves

The C2 series of gloves are the industry’s first hybrid, synthetic powder-free gloves that are designed for enhanced fit and flexibility while being 100% recyclable.

C2 Hybrid Gloves Collection