Our Team

Ty King

Chief Executive Officer

In his 23 years with AmerCare, Ty shaped the company vision, mission and culture. As part of AmerCareRoyal, Ty will oversee all merger and acquisition activity as well as key customer management. Ty received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University.

Scott Milberg


Scott helped lead the Royal team through a 2011 financial recap and 2016 sale and merger transaction that created AmercareRoyal in 2016. Scott continues to lead the company through a period of robust organic and acquisition growth along with integration efforts.

Eric Paladino

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer at AmerCareRoyal, Eric is responsible for IT strategy, planning and maintenance for all AmerCareRoyal locations, globally.

Chip Oxendine

Chief Operating Officer

Chip brings broad experience from several industry verticals: financial services, ecommerce, medical products, manufacturing, aerospace/defense and retail where he has led companies from startups, early stage, mature and then to merger and acquisition.

Vince Mazzei

Chief Financial Officer

Vince began his career at AmerCareRoyal as the Chief Financial Officer and held the position of President and Chief Financial Officer from 2014 up through its acquisition by HCI Equity Partners in October 2016.

Adam Milberg

Chief Supply Officer

Prior to the role of Chief Supply Officer, Adam was the Director of Imports for Royal Paper Products, Inc. Adam brings 16 years of experience within the foodservice industry and a thorough understanding of international supply chains.

Our Team